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Dog Helios 'tail Runner' Lightweight 4-way-stretch Breathable Full Bodied Performance Dog Track Suit

Dog Helios 'tail Runner' Lightweight 4-way-stretch Breathable Full Bodied Performance Dog Track Suit
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The dog helios 'tail runner' lightweight 4-way-stretch breathable full bodied performance dog track suit features a next-generation system that is specially developed for complete aeration and flexibility.This engineered fused fabric features a specially engineered micro-paneled jersey-like premium elastic material throughout the entire shell that is extremely flexible and breathable and features a smart ventilation performance system that reacts with the body to maintain body temperature through permeation.This specially blended fabric features high-level properties of flexibility for unrestricted mobility with 100% breathability.The exo-shell features 4-way stretch construction that moves in every direction.The tail runner also features banded elasticity around the sleeves and across the body for a nice tapered fit with added room for growth.Features dual-reinforced stitching at every seem for durability with added reflective taping for night protection.Additionally, this tracksuit features quick-drying technology that dries rapidly while offering anti-odor technology that assists with odor causing microbes.Covers the body providing uv protection against the suns harmful rays and fitted perfectly to help assist in containment or collection of shedded hairs.Features a fashion collar with a leash-slit along the back.Machine washable.Available in multiple colors and sizes.Sizing specifications: in (inches) "back" length is from neck to tail: * see image chart for sizing approximation extra small: back: 9.8" chest: 15.4" neck: 11.4" sleeve: 2.8" small: back: 11.8" chest: 18.1" neck: 12.6" sleeve: 3.1" medium: back: 13.8" chest: 20.1" neck: 14.2" sleeve: 3.5" large: back: 15.7" chest: 21.3" neck: 16.5" sleeve: 3.9" extra large: back: 17.7" chest: 23.2" neck: 17.7" sleeve: 4.3"

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