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Model: doba_12389857
The pet life argyle knitted dog sweater features a knitted fashion argyle pattern and a comfortable ribbed dog collar.This trendy dog sweater features a leash-slit holder above the neck area.This pet sweater is available in multiple sizes and color variations.Sizing guide: from back of neck to tail ..
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Model: doba_6490510
The pet life 'winter white' fashion dog parka coat contains thinsulate thermal heat retention technology specially inserted between the fabrics.This dog jacket features matching tone-on-tone inner fleece fabrics.The attention to detail along the backside are exquisite as the ribbed sleeves a..
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Model: doba_6490529
The pet life baby blue adjustable dog raincoat is composed of a waterproof pvc material outer shell and inner lined with a thin layer of fleece.This dog coat features a fully adjustable removable hood and adjusts at the tail end.Features a leash slit along the neck area.Sizing guide: measure from ba..
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Model: doba_35496011
There are many styles of retractable leashes on the market today.Some have flashlights, some have plastic waste bags included, but all have one thing in common: you have to hold the leash in your hand! well, now you can use this leash holder and clip it to your belt loop, and walk the dog with your ..
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Model: doba_12389768
The pet life 'coast guard' fashion wool dog coat jacket is composed of 100% cotton wool and features a trendy dual buttoned accented strap along the backside and a cozy faux-fur collar.This pet coat also features snap button closure by the belly for easy on/off access and a leash slit holder..
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Model: doba_6490521
The pet life designer patterned 'suede-argyle' sweater dog coat jacket features ultra-trendy fashion rivets along the backside and a leash-slit holder behind the neck-area.This jacket also features an argyle patterned fleece removable zippered hood.Composed of suede and fleece and features t..
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Model: doba_19483421
The dog helios neo-indestructible easy-tension sporty leash and collar is composed of tough grade nylon and neoprene.Features dual reinforced stitching at every seam for added toughness and durability.Features a neoprene band for a semi-tough pull with ribbed stitching for added easy tension with a ..
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Model: doba_17029017
The extreme-neoprene patented joint protective reflective pet sleeves are composed of lightly flexible neoprene.These pet sleeves are perfect for all pets in operation recovery and further help prevent joint operation.These sleeves are designed and engineered to place less stress on your pets knee j..
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Model: doba_12389806
The pet life 'extreme skater' fashion dog sneakers feature cleat-like rubberized grips on the soles for added traction and support. These dog shoes are meant to withstand the harshest of weather terrain conditions and offer protection against the hot asphalt and helps prevent frostbite durin..
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Model: doba_10770959
The pet life fashion parka dog coat contains thinsulate thermal heat retention technology has an inner shell specially inserted between the fabric.This pet coat features matching tone-on-tone inner fleece fabrics for additional warmth and comfort.This dog jacket features a faux fur removable zip-off..
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Model: doba_12389848
The pet life fashion plush dog hoodie is composed to 100% soft ultra-plush stone washed cotton.The hood can be adjusted by tightening the strings.The dog sweater is machine washable and features a leash slit holder.Available in multiple sizes and colors.Sizing guide: from back of neck to tail area (..
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Model: doba_6490564
The pet life fashion fur-comfort premium supportive dog boots are composed of a tougher suede outer shell and faux fur and inner lined with thinsulate insulation.Features a back zipper and double wrap around velcro for easy on off access and added support and comfort.These dog shoes offer a higher l..
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